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On the page, XML data is checked against XSD (XML data schema) with the ability to edit XML data.

Input XML data can be produced by uploading an XML file or by copying text from the clipboard to the editor window. The encoding of the file is determined based on the XML declaration , so its presence is mandatory.

In the editor, the data is checked for the XML format and formatted for convenience. If errors occur, the editor marks the corresponding lines with a symbol . The error description can be viewed by setting the cursor on this symbol.

To verify that the XML data is consistent with the schema, use the button Validate:

  • If an XSD file was uploaded, it will be checked according to the schema in this file
  • If the file is not uploaded, the system will try to automatically detect the schema by key fields from XML data.
Currently, the system has schemes for some Russian accounting documents (Act, Invoice, TORG-12, UPD, etc.).

The results of the validation are displayed as messages in the upper right corner of the page. Rows with errors are marked in the editor window. After correcting errors in the editor, you can check the changed data.

XML data from the editor can be print and save to a file (if errors are found, they are added to the text as comments). For some document schemes, there is the possibility of XSL transformation in HTML and/or PDF format. Sending to the EDI system is available after setting the parameters for registered users.

For summing element values , use the button . In this case, you must enter path to the elements (xpath) or select the name of the element in the editor to automatically generate the path.

Editor settings are accessible by the button .

If after editing the settings, press the button Save, the settings marked with the color will be saved for the following sessions.

To work on the page is used:

  • jQuery: JavaScript library ver.
  • Ace: JavaScript editor (Ajax.org Cloud9 Editor) ver. 1.1.9
  • lxml: Python library for processing XML ver. 3.8.0
* For external users, there are restrictions on the size of the data being processed.